We are a York independent voluntary counselling service

Our counsellors are all experienced, professionally trained and individual members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or other professional bodies whose ethical frameworks they also follow. We have been based in York since 1993 offering a short-term professional counselling service to the community. 1-2-1 Counselling holds organisational membership of BACP and observes their counselling policies and best practices.

What is counselling?

Counselling provides a confidential setting in which to explore personal concerns, difficulties or distress. People may bring to counselling a range of life issues such as anxiety or depression, stress, relationship problems, low self esteem, loss or bereavement.


Your counsellor is here to listen to and support you in a way which is different from friends or family, and confidentiality will remain at all times, subject to exceptions required by law. Your counsellor will be able to provide more details if you have any questions regarding confidentiality.

Telephone counselling or attending in person

The service offers you the alternative of having telephone counselling or attending in person. In
either case, you would speak to the same counsellor on a regular basis over a number of weeks
(normally up to 7 appointments for new clients). If you opt for telephone counselling, you need
to ensure there is a place where you can speak in confidence when the counsellor rings you for
your session. If you decide to attend in person, please note that we have measures in place to
ensure your personal safety in the building while the coronavirus situation continues. (Please
see details below for what to expect).

Ensuring quality

We value your feedback on the service we offer and would like you to let us know, at the end of
your sessions with us, how you experienced the counselling. If at any time you have concerns
about the service, please let us know.


Counsellors give their services voluntarily. Our funding for running costs (room hire etc) comes
entirely from voluntary contributions and grants. Each session costs around £12 to provide. You
will receive the same high standard of service regardless of whether you decide to make a
donation. You can use our Donate link on the 1-2-1 Counselling website to make your donation
to the service.

Keeping your information safe

Please note that we store securely a minimum of contact information on you and very brief
sessional notes. We do not share this information with anyone without your express permission
except in exceptional circumstances. We only use anonymised information for data collection
purposes. Your counsellor will explain our confidentiality policy to you if you would like to know
more about what data we store, the way we store your data, what we do with this information,
how long we keep it and where there might be issues of confidentiality to consider. You have
the right to ask to see this information and also to ask for it to be destroyed if you wish to.
General Data Protection Regulations mean that you need to give us permission to hold
information about you.

Contact us

If you have decided to get in touch with us, the first step is to leave a voicemail message on our
confidential answering service 07587 155678 (24 hours). We will call you back, and take some
brief details, including days and times when you would be available for sessions. You will be
contacted again as soon as a counsellor becomes available, and a first appointment arranged.
Please note that as a result of the coronavirus situation, we are currently experiencing longer
waiting times than usual, and ask for your understanding about this.

If you need urgent help, please follow the link below for information about out of hours support in a mental health crisis:


Please see details below if you are attending for counselling in person at
20 St Saviourgate during the coronavirus situation

Information for clients

During the coronavirus situation, we will be working with you to provide an environment which is
as safe as it can be for yourself, for the counsellors and for all those connected with the service.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at the present time.

What to expect:

What we ask of you:

Please note:

In the event that 1-2-1 Counselling, or any of its counsellors are contacted by NHS Test and
Trace, your first name only and telephone number will be provided as legally required and for
the sole purpose of preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. These contact details
are held securely, in paper form, by the Co-ordinator and your counsellor. Your counsellor will
only hold that information for the duration of your counselling and for 21 days after your final

If you have any concerns:

Please contact discuss these with your counsellor or ring 1-2-1 Counselling (07587 155678).
Thank you for helping us to maintain the service safely.


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